Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sell This House

Sell This House is a great show on A&E. One day, while I was getting my wife's car serviced, the tv in the waiting room had this show on. I watched and was pretty amazed at the transformation of these houses.

The basic idea is that they find a house that is already on the market, but has not sold. The TV crew fills the house with hidden camera and invites potential home buyers in for an open house event. The comments are then used to change the house into the ultimate dream home. The same open house guests are invited back after 2 days to see the new layout.

De-clutter, clean and paint are the path to the real goal, selling the house. It's pretty neat to see the before and after videos of these houses and how it only takes them 3 days! Usually the changes are under budget and what they do, most any 'weekend warrior' can do.

This is from the official website.

"Want to know what buyers are really thinking about a house for sale? Sell This House™ gets inside the mind of the buyer and the heart of the seller. Each episode features homeowners desperate to sell and prospective buyers secretly videotaped as they express their observations upon first seeing the house. Watching the footage, homeowners get a peek inside what potential buyers like, love, and hate about their home.

The homeowners also receive some advice from a real estate and home decoration expert who recommends changes. Then the real work begins as homeowners and the Sell This House team gets started redesigning and renovating the house, hoping that their efforts will lead to a big payoff.

Learn pointers, tips, and other suggestions on how to prepare your house for market while the team transforms each house from okay to must see. After the work is complete, the buyers are brought back. Will the house sell? For how much? To whom? You'll learn the answers as participants experience the ups and downs of Sell This House."

The small cast is lead by Tanya Memme. A "sassy & quick-witted" former Miss World Canada. She's funny and seems like she genuinely wants to help these homeowners.

The ultimate changes are made by Roger Hazard. He's the designer and always seems to find the 'diamond in the rough'.

Sell This House is on A&E Saturdays at 8am

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