Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Fist Full Of Metal: Iron Man 2 - My Review

Iron Man is just cool. Plain and simple, no questions asked. Who wouldn't want a suit that gives you super strength, let you fly like a rocket and the ability to put a hole in anything you aim your hand at? No magic, no alien powers. Just a crazy powerful suit. I think that is one of the reasons Iron Man is so popular. Anyone in the suit has the power. But with a super suit, comes super problems for our hero, Tony Stark.

And does he ever have problems. His multi-million dollar company needs guidance, the government wants his suit, a secret spy agency is watching his every move, some crazy Russian with whips is after his head and the very suit that keeps him alive is slowly killing him. That's a lot to pack into a 2 hour movie.

But if anyone can pull it off, it's Tony Stark. A truly flawed hero if ever there was one. The story picks up 6 months after the first movie. The world knows that Tony is Iron Man and all the fame and glory is feeding his ego to the max. Robert Downey Jr. plays the role to near perfection. You can tell he is having too much fun playing this part. Downey is like a kid in a candy store! He makes us cheer for Tony, even when he has laps in judgement. (Watching a drunk Iron Man have target practice during his birthday party is both cool and disturbing at the same time.)

Mickey Rourke plays Iron Man's rival, Whiplash. Covered with tattoos and talking with a thick Russian accent, he really looks like a true evil genius. Every line he says drips of poison and hate. (One of his scenes scared a little kid in front of me so bad, that his parents has to take him out of the theater!)

There is a large supporting cast. Mostly because of the other Marvel Movies that are in our future. This makes the film fun. Always looking for the next reference. But it also makes the movie very dense. But it's OK. Tony's wisecracks keep you smiling and laughing the entire time. And when he isn't joking around, he is kicking butt in the suit. It has lots of great action.

People on Twitter have been asking me a lot about the film. (Really it's because I had Iron Man as my Twitter Avatar pic for over a year. Not for any special reason, I just thought it looked cool!) But I think I will leave the Iron Man suit to Tony. It was a very fun film and I eagerly await the next nugget of goodness from Marvel!

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