Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Resume


I am seeking a challenging position in a progressive company where I can apply my experience in retail management or office/computer work and provide excellent customer/Social Media service.

7/2004– Present Walgreens Burlington, NJ

Assistant Manager/Executive Assistant Manager/Store Team Lead
Assist the Store Manager in the operation of the store and in the direction
of the work force.
Responsible for improving unit sales, profits and image through the overall
development and protection of store assets.
Training and development of store personnel.
Maintain excellent customer service.
Maintain Store Inventory.
Responsible for opening and closing the store.
Daily store operations which include:
o Managing all money in the store.
o Overseeing departments such as Cosmetics, Photo and front cashier.
o Checking vendors in and out.
o Managing the stock room.
o Processing daily store paperwork.

8/2001– 7/2004 Mellon HR Solutions Fort Lee, NJ

Testing Specialist
Day-to-day involvement on multiple projects as tester and data management for system generated fulfillment, voice response system, and web applications.
Test case execution.
Test results documentation.
Data management for the identification and readiness of test participants.
Attend internal meetings as appropriate.

Benefits Analyst
Draft system generated fulfillment, develop programming specifications, develop test case scenarios, execute test cases, and document test results
Create and test system generated package logic
Maintain fulfillment inventories with direction from team management
Work with internal departments on print program, data, and system requirements

7/2000– 8/2001 St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center Paterson, NJ

Help Desk Operator
Level One Help Desk Operator.
Desktop Support.
Perform daily system backups.
Monitor Hospital systems.

5/1997 – 7/2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers Fort Lee, NJ

Site Coordinator
Interface with all departments and personnel on a daily basis.
Monitor and coordinate the courier schedule.
Traffic coordination of incoming/outgoing parcels.
Maintain documentation materials for Shipping Department.
Data Entry/Troubleshooting.

3/1995 – 5/1997 Palmer Video Cliffside Park, NJ

Assistant Manager
Interact with customers on service issues, video recommendations, and bill disputes.
Recruit, interview and train staff.
Manage retail store and staff including scheduling, performance, etc.
Produce sales/earnings report.
Manage inventory/order processing.
Develop store promotions.


1999-2000 The Cittone Institute Ramsey, NJ
Help Desk Analyst, GPA 4.0, Attendance 99%

1989 - 1993 Ramapo College of New Jersey Mahwah, NJ
Bachelor of Arts, GPA 3.0, Dean’s List –Spring 1993

Proficient in Microsoft Office; Windows 95/98/NT/2000; Internet Explorer; Lotus Notes, Social Media, Twitter & Facebook.

References furnished upon request.


  1. Hey! I'm not in NJ (more like Canada) but I'm sending you get-a-great-job-quick vibes from up north. Losing your job majorly sucks. Been there, done that, got the resume out. Hope you find something soon!

  2. visit riptheresume.com - you may find such helpful - market is very competitive at all levels in almost all industries. Good luck too you.

  3. Set up a LinkedIn account, Friend me - transcribe it quick and we'll see what we can do.

  4. I'm in Texas, but I have re-tweeted your resume on Twitter to my almost 3K followers. I hope it helps; I figure it can't hurt.

  5. Colleen (@ColleenKasp on Twitter)March 27, 2010 at 12:30 AM

    For what it's worth, some suggestions: I think your objective statement needs to be more pointed. I can't figure out from it what kind of work you actually want to do. Second, I realize your tasks at Walgreens are varied but they're not likely to result in bringing you a good paying job. I would de-emphasize this position and write more about jobs where you used your computer skills and college education. I'd also like to know what you learned at the Cittone Institute. Was it some kind of computer training school? Were you certified in something? Finally, are you willing to relocate? Since you're posting on twitter, this would be helpful to know! Good luck!!!

  6. What type of job are you actually looking for? You mention something about social media, but I don't see where you list any experience in that area. Please do yourself a giant favor and invest some $$ and get a resume coach to redo your resume. You need every advantage in this economy. Good luck!

  7. I think your Walgreens management experience will come in handy while seeking employment because being an EXA shows team leadership and emcompasses a wide variety of tasks. I would make some changes to your objective because it needs to state exactly what sort of position you are seeking and I would restate your tasks at Walgreens differently. That being said...since this comment wasn't about re-constructing your resume. Looking for employment right now is difficult...don't give up...even when you feel discouraged!!! I'm in the same boat. Randomly send your cover letter and resume out to places. Most of my interviews were set up because I randomly sent my CV to agencies that were not even looking into hiring someone. I'm sure you're already registered with tons of job sites. Try USAJobs ...it's amazing the variety of positions the federal government is hiring for...plus check state agencies. Good Luck! And try not to be discouraged.

  8. I agree with Colleen. I'd also add, unless you can be very specific about what "Social Media" means in regards to what kind of job you're looking for, I'd strike that off completely. Are you a programmer who is familiar with various social media SDK's? Have you written a facebook application or twitter client? If not, and you can't explain how social media fits in with your work, it screams to me, as a potential interviewer or employer, that you're going to spend large parts of your day wasting time on facebook or twitter. Honestly, if this resume was handed to me as is, it'd go right into the circular file. Sorry.

  9. Cool. Your resume is impressive. I hope to make my own as impressive as this. I am a fresh graduate student and I need inputs on making one too. That's the reason I'm here though checking out sample resume.

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