Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny Hitler videos?

I have recently found several videos online about Hitler. These are not endorsing him or his evil deeds, (nor to I). But these videos are meant to be funny. They take footage from the 2004 movie Downfall and change the subtitles. Some of the videos are re-edited with other footage.

Since only the subtitles need to be changed, these videos can be made really quickly. For example. Hitler responds to the iPad. The Apple press conference was yesterday! And the video is out today!

Here is a good history of the videos from Wikipedia.

Thanks to YouTube and other video sites, parodic clips from the 2004 film Downfall have proliferated internationally.[8] They are subtitled with references to Hitler getting angry about Australian Rules Football, Windows Vista, online gaming, gridiron football, Xbox Live, the downfall of Morris Iemma, the Vancouver Canucks signing of Mats Sundin, Malcolm Turnbull and other events. The phenomenon started in English but has spread to other languages including Dutch, Spanish,Portuguese, Malaysian, Bulgarian (It was used to ridicule Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov for being a State Security agent during the communist dictatorship and for being a poacher[9]), Romanian (for the 2009 presidential election), Croatian (comments about frequent affairs in the government). The most frequently used clip is the scene where Hitler receives news of the advancing Red Army vastly outnumbering the forces commanded by Felix Steiner. However, other clips from Downfall are beginning to appear with subtitles. Some of the parodies turn on surrealism and intentional anachronisms to make a comment on present day subjects, especially the everyday prevalance of failures of computer and internet resources, while other parodies centre more on humorously interpreting events in the bunker on April May 1945. A further driver of the jokes would be collective memories of the overall poor standards of subtitling and dubbing internationally in cinema during the mid twentieth century, especially with low budget films such as the sword and sandal genre or eastern martial arts movies, including poor synchonisation and comically inaccurate translations.

Here are some of my favorites. But the list of them on YouTube seems endless. :)

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