Saturday, October 31, 2009

How I Use Twitter: Part 2, Twitter Pics and Bio

In Part 1, we went over the rules of Twitter. Here we will talk about your twitter bio and picture.

After you jump in with 2 feet and set up your account, you have to "introduce" yourself to others with a witty bio and neat picture. Both are super important!

Your bio has to be 160 characters. And it can be anything about you. My bio is "Ask no questions, find no answers, live with problems." It was an old saying we used to say in college. I thought it was funny. And it gets lots of comments. But your can be anything. Your job, your hobbies, your favorite tv shows, etc. Try to be clever and think of something. Whatever you do, DO NOT leave it blank.

Next you have to choose an picture or "avatar". Twitter suggests that you use a real pic of yourself. I do not have real pic of myself. When I joined last year, The Iron Man Movie was still hot and in my mind. I grabbed a pic and made it my avatar. I sometimes think of changing it, but I think I will keep it. It gets alot of comments and people know it's me when they see it. And that is the important use of the picture. When people see their tweets, they could be scanning dozens maybe hundereds of tweets. ANYTHING that makes you stand out it a good thing.

You maybe temped to change your picture. You can at anytime, but I would advise against it. Some people may not know it's you! And you want to stand out. Not hide!! :)

That's all for Part 2. In Part 3: Content, Content, Content!!!

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