Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bill and Ted's Excellent Inception

This is one of the things that I love to find on the Internet. Mash-ups. Taking two totally different movies and putting them together into a great trailer! If you saw my last post, you can see that I loved the movie Inception.

This trailer combines Inception with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! One of my all time favorites from the 80's!! I think it makes it look much more intense!!

Much gratitude and respect to @katalysthq for finding this and tweeting it on Twitter!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Dreams - My Review of Inception

Sometimes a movie comes along that just grabs everyone by storm. Inception is just one of those films. It's a smart action movie that pulls off the impossible. Instant positive word of mouth with a crazy trailer, has made it the 'must see' movie of the summer.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays "Dom", the leader of a very unique band of thieves. They sneak into people's dreams to steal or "extract" information from people's minds while they are sleeping. But for his final big heist, his job is not an "extraction" but an "inception". His job is to input (or 'insert') a idea into his target's head. Which seems to be much more difficult.

That's where the film gets tricky. In order to complete the mission, they must go deep into the subjects subconscious mind. How do you do that? You enter a dream within a dream, within a dream. To make this even more confusing, time and the laws of physics is different in each of these dreams. (5 minutes of dreams = 1 hour in dreamland) It makes more sense when you see the movie. (Just try not to run out to the restroom or you will be totally lost.)

It sounds like fun, right? Walking around in a dream doing anything? Well, not so much. It turns out that even the subconscious mind can see invaders and will do anything to protect the dreamer. To add even more problems to the already difficult mission, "Dom" is loaded down with his own emotional baggage dealing with his late wife. That doesn't sound too bad, but when your workplace is dreamland, your late wife can show up at anytime and throw a monkey wrench into the works.

Inception keeps you on your toes never knowing where you are going. Director Christopher Nolan has made an instant classic sci-fi film which will keep people dreaming about it for years!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Old Spice" Remixed

In case you didn't see the Old Spice commercials on tv, they were very funny. Here is one of the best...


Not only were the commercials a hit, but they went one step futher, they made close to 200 more short personal video responses to questions submitted on facebook and twitter.

So of course, the internet took those and had to make a remix. Get your dance groove on...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Star Wars on the Subway!

If you have never seen the comedy group, Improv Everywhere, they are great! They go into a public place and perform in front of anyone and everyone! I saw this one and had to post it!! :)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eunice Cannizzaro's Resume


I am seeking a challenging position, in a progressive company where I can apply my experience in problem solving, my ability to manage large complicated client relationships, and my strong work ethic to help improve the service they provide, lower their costs, and increase the company’s market share so they can achieve sustained growth backed by superior service.


9/2005 – Present Company Confidential Little Falls, NJ
Health & Welfare Technical Lead

At Company Confidential, my role as the Health & Welfare Technical lead is Project Management, managing a group of 4-8 individuals with three main responsibilities to our HRO clients:
 Ensuring smooth and accurate transition through my interaction with the client and multiple groups within the organization (Systems Analysts, Programmers, Payroll, Service Center, etc).
o Setting a technical timeline for each phase of the transition, and maintaining the workflow so that each benchmark is achieved.
o Translating customer specifications so that they are understandable for the programmers, and adjusting the timeline accordingly.
o Frequent conference calls with the customer to update them on progress, and identify problems before they occur.
 Maintaining quality assurance/control for the life of the account.
o Coordinate and perform user acceptance testing.
o Coordinate and manage client testing and signoff.
o Identify research and resolve data discrepancies.
 Manage plan changes, reporting, and billing.
o Update all relevant plan design and plan administration documentation
o Produce monthly client and/or carrier premium billing invoices
o Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of enrollment activity and trending reports
o Perform monthly plan audits for employee and dependent records
o Produce ad hoc reports
o Facilitate status updates and customer queries.
2/2004 – 9/2005 Commerce Bank Mount Laurel, NJ
Project Analyst
In this role I was responsible for the development, production, and distribution of a number of executive reports that identified performance metrics, risk analysis, and workflow reporting with regard to banking operations. In addition I maintained the financial databases of monthly statistics, and worked with executive management to ensure departmental compliance.

2/1993 – 9/2002 Mellon HR Solutions Fort Lee, NJ
Resource & Documentation Manager (Promoted 2001)
Based on my success in the Communications department, and my strong sense of customer service this was a new position created to leverage my strengths in the customer service and problem solving role to assist bigger and more complicated customers. I was responsible the development of Resource and Employee profile database for Mellon’s HRO clients. I developed the profile database drawing data from a number of sources (including employee profile, skills, goals, training needs, and current/future assignments), analyzed project resource requirements, made recommendations based on the database, designed and managed recruiting process, and worked to create solutions to overcome lack of resource availability.

Outsourcing Benefits Analyst Team Leader (Promoted 2000)
Having succeeded as a team member I was promoted to team leader managing 4-8 team members. As team lead my duties were to oversee the process I did below, while managing the Communications Department project plan, mentoring junior staff, heavy client interaction on site and off, motivate team members, and ensuring that all deadlines were met with zero defects.

Outsourcing Benefits Analyst (Promoted 1999)
Promoted in 1999 to Outsourcing Benefits Analyst, I worked with the client and internal departments to ultimately develop a seamless rollout of system generate fulfillment documentation, voice response system, and web applications. This involved the gathering of customer specifications, the capture of data from a variety of data sources, countless test/trial runs, many modifications, assist team leader with staff responsibilities, and accurately record all activity and results.

Benefits Statement Analyst (Promoted 1998)
Promoted in 1998 to Benefits Statement Analyst, I was responsible for the analysis of individual benefits data and calculations development and execution of computer programs to merge data from multiple sources ( client, surveys, telephone etc), drafting benefit data text, designing print output specifications, testing print specifications, checking and re-checking data calculations to a 100% accuracy rating, working with the client to ensure client satisfaction with the final product, and maintain accurate records for each client throughout development.

Production Coordinator (Promoted 1997)
In this role, I was the point person for print and production for up to 6 clients. I maintained printing schedules, problem solved for scheduling issues, maintained quality assurance on print output, created database of production jobs, and developed protocols and best practices to reduce start-up time on future jobs.

Switchboard Operator
Answer 35 line Meridian digital switchboards, track daily phone problems, take and deliver accurate phone messages, and manage the phone network.

1990 - 1993 Ramapo College of New Jersey Mahwah, NJ
1989 - 1990 University of Delaware Newark, DE

Microsoft Office 2000, RapidSQL, IBM Mainframe, Clarify, Lotus Notes
References furnished upon request

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 100 Best Movie Insults In Under 10 Minutes

This is the latest awesome video going around the net this week. Too many movies to list them all, but it's the best movie insult video that you will watch today. I promise. :)